Introducing: Astroport’s new UI, limit orders and the community-wide Injective testnet

January 25, 2023
Astro Updates
Introducing: Astroport’s new UI, limit orders and the community-wide Injective testnet

The leading DEX on Terra, Astroport, has begun its quest to become the liquidity engine powering all the Cosmos. To kickstart the journey, the mothership just deployed three new upgrades: 

  1. A completely reimagined user interface (UI) on
  2. Limit orders on testnet
  3. A community-wide Injective testnet launch

Read on for a full briefing.

Astroport UI v2 arrives on Terra 2.0 Mainnet and Injective Testnet

The mothership’s user interface at has been completely reimagined. Starting now, that means you can trade, provide liquidity and analyze your positions on Terra 2 mainnet faster and more intuitively (bonus: the new UI is also available on the Injective testnet, more below). 

Explore advanced charts, pool pages and popups designed to streamline interactions and data analysis. With full support for desktop users (and mobile support coming soon), it’s all part of Astrochad’s vision of providing a world-class user experience every time you interact with Astroport – regardless of where you reside in the Cosmos. Begin your exploration now at

The dawn of limit orders on the Terra 2 Testnet

Limit order
n. An order to buy or sell a token at a specified price or better.

Want to buy or sell Token X at Price Y without staying glued to price charts? Now, you can test out that functionality on the Terra 2 testnet with Astroport’s incoming limit orders!

Here’s how they work:

  1. Visit and connect to the Terra 2 testnet (pisco-1)
  2. On the “Swap” page, select the “Limit” tab
  3. Create a buy or sell limit order for any supported token at a pre-specified price
  4. If and when the value of that token hits your limit order price, the trade will be automatically executed at that price (or better)

Edit or close existing orders at any time and view all of your completed limit orders directly on the limit order screen. 

On the backend, limit orders are powered by the Autonomy Network. Autonomy queues order requests, then leverages a decentralized network of bots to execute your trade when your price targets are hit.

Expected to launch on Terra 2 mainnet soon, limit orders will help traders take advantage of price volatility and close out positions when momentum shifts. Sleeping or awake, never miss a trade again. Start experimenting now by connecting to on the Terra 2 testnet (pisco-1).

Note that limit orders have been deployed on the Terra 2 testnet but are not currently available on the Injective testnet.

Initiating Phase 2 on the Injective Testnet with the community-wide testnet

Seven earth days ago, Astroport unveiled its first-ever testnet deployment on a non-Terra blockchain: Injective. Initially limited to whitelisted addresses, the Injective Testnet is now open to astronauts everywhere!

Visit, connect your preferred wallet to the Injective Testnet and begin swapping and LP’ing testnet $APE, $AAVE, $CRV, $CVX, $SHIB, $USDC, $USDT and more. Note for Phase 1 testers: the APE-ASTRO pool has been reinitialized after initially launching with the incorrect ASTRO token.

Find a bug during your journeys on Injective? Please report it in the Astroport sickbay so Astroport engineers can zap it.

Bonus: If you connect with Astroport on the Injective Testnet within the next 24 hours, you’ll be eligible to claim a commemorative NFT “Bug Destroyer” badge, which has been hidden somewhere in the testnet UI. 

The Injective testnet currently supports eight pools: AAVE, APE, ASTRO, CRV, CVX, INJ, SHIB USDC, USDT, and detailed instructions on how to access it appear in the section below.

With the launch of Phase 2, the dawn of mainnet approaches, and Astroport’s journey to conquer the Cosmos truly begins.

How to connect with Astroport’s testnet deployment on Injective

Follow these steps to begin testing Astroport on Injective now.

Step 1: Choose and prepare your preferred wallet

  • Keplr: You’ll need to hold INJ on your Injective mainnet address in order to transact on testnet. This mainnet INJ will NOT be used for fees on testnet. You’ll also need to activate the Inject testnet within Keplr. Do that by visiting and clicking “Connect” in the header. Select Keplr wallet and approve the message to enable the Injective testnet. Then, click on Keplr wallet and select “Injective Testnet” as the network. Please note: If you face issues with the display of tokens in Keplr, you may need to delete the Injective testnet and repeat the steps above.
  • Metamask: Select the Goerli testnet.

Step 2: Obtain testnet INJ

Visit the Injective Testnet Faucet at to send testnet INJ to your wallet address. You can copy your address by opening your wallet and clicking on your address (Note: Your testnet address is the same as your mainnet address).

Step 3: Connect to the Astroport Testnet on Injective and begin swapping and LP’ing

Now it’s time to test and interact with Astroport! Visit, select the Injective testnet and start experimenting. Please test all available Astroport features including swapping, LP’ing, and clicking all available links and buttons on the front-end. 

Step 4: Verify your transactions

Visit Injective’s testnet explorer to ensure your transactions were successful: 

Step 5: Document and report any bugs you find

Your feedback can change Astroport’s destiny by ensuring the mothership executes flawlessly on Injective. If you find a bug or generate an error in the app, report it in the Astroport Sickbay at This form will guide you through the simple bug submission process.

Step 6: Submit general feedback

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch with Astroport contributors via the #general-test-chat channel in Astroport's Discord:

Step 7: Claim your badge!

If you’re thorough in your testing, you could potentially uncover a link to a secret minting page where you can claim a commemorative NFT “Bug Destroyer” badge. Available for the first 24 hours from the publication of this article, it will forever serve as a reminder of Astroport’s maiden voyage into the Cosmos.

Follow Astroport on Twitter and subscribe to the Astroport email newsletter to get the latest alerts from the mothership.


Remember, Terra 2.0 and Astroport are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.

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