Astroport and Osmosis Forge Historic Alliance in the Cosmos Ecosystem

March 21, 2024
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Astroport and Osmosis Forge Historic Alliance in the Cosmos Ecosystem

Captain's log: 

  • Astroport and Osmosis, two leading DEXes in the Cosmos ecosystem, have aligned, leveraging Astroport's passive concentrated liquidity pools alongside Osmosis's active management pools.
  • With the outpost's launch on Osmosis, Astroport rolls out a one-month incentives initiative under the ARC-122 proposal, aimed at bolstering the adoption of its PCL pools on Osmosis.
  • Targeted pools include high-volume pairs such as NTRN/USDC, INJ/USDC, LUNA/USDC. SEI/USDC, DYDX/USDC, and TIA/OSMO.

Following the approval of the historic alignment between Astroport and Osmosis by respective staker communities, the much-anticipated Astroport outpost on Osmosis is now live, simultaneously with the launch of initial incentives. Astroport's passive concentrated liquidity (PCL) pools are set to debut alongside Osmosis's Supercharged pools, providing an array of options for liquidity providers. 

With Astroport’s launch of PCL pools on Osmosis, the protocol has an opportunity to dramatically increase its user base. To help spur initial adoption, ASTRO stakers passed ARC-122. Recognizing the critical role of incentives in attracting and retaining LPs, the proposal details a strategic emission of $ASTRO incentives over a period of 1 month. The following pools on Osmosis have been selected to receive $ASTRO emissions:


These pools were selected for their high volumes on Osmosis, providing opportunities for both LPs and Astroport. In addition, TIA/OSMO is likely to be eligible for $OSMO emissions (pending governance approval), granting LPs dual incentives from both Astroport and Osmosis.

The allocation of daily ASTRO emissions to each pool has been strategically calculated to ensure an attractive Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for liquidity providers (LPs), aiming to jumpstart a significant level of targeted liquidity. This calculation is based on the 30-day average trading volume on Osmosis for each respective pool. By estimating that 50% of this volume, in USD terms, will flow to Astroport, and combining this with the APR from ASTRO emissions, the daily ASTRO emissions for each pool can be precisely determined to optimize incentives and liquidity growth. Visit the Astroport forum to dive deeper into the methodology for proposed ASTRO emissions. 

Standard PCL pool fees apply and will flow back to xASTRO stakers. In addition, all trades that are routed through the Astroport’s PCL pools on Osmosis will generate a 10 basis point (0.1%) fee for Osmosis, which will be split between the Osmosis community pool and the OSMO staking pool.

Note that this incentives initiative is distinct from the Astroport’s standard incentives framework as it’s specifically designed to encourage adoption on a new outpost. These emissions are proposed for a period of 1 month after the launch on Osmosis and may be revised lower/higher based on performance and expectations.

As we conclude this log, the Astroport-Osmosis alliance beckons us to a future where DeFi In Cosmos is more interconnected, efficient, and expansive than ever before. This collaboration is not just a merger of technologies but a fusion of visions.

Explore the Osmosis outpost now:

The future awaits!

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Remember, Astroport, Injective, Neutron, Sei, and Terra are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.

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