Astro(re)port #4: Neutron mainnet doubles Astroport TVL, passive concentrated liquidity coming to Cosmos and more

July 6, 2023
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Astro(re)port #4: Neutron mainnet doubles Astroport TVL, passive concentrated liquidity coming to Cosmos and more

Welcome to Issue 4 of Astro(re)port, a monthly lookback at the biggest news, metrics and events on Astroport. 

#1: Neutron mainnet doubles Astroport TVL

On Earth Date June 5, 2023, Astroport launched its AMM on the Cosmos’ newest chain, Neutron. Both Neutron and the Astral Assembly approved mutually-beneficial rewards to ensure ongoing synergies. Here’s the tldr:

  • Neutron brought ~$15m in liquidity from its launch event to the Neutron-Astroport satellite
  • 10% of Astroport maker fees on Neutron will be sent to Neutron DAO's on-chain treasury in perpetuity
  • Astroport $NTRN LPs retain voting power on Neutron
  • Possible Future $NTRN incentives may be added

A portion of all trading fees captured on Neutron are also swapped to $ASTRO, which is automatically sent to the $xASTRO staking pool.

With existing support for Terra and Injective, Neutron marks Astroport’s third mainnet appchain deployment, and the launch catapults Astroport further on its quest to become the liquidity backend for all the Cosmos.

Learn more in the Astroport x Neutron Twitter Space or try swapping on Neutron now at

#2: Astroport to bring passive concentrated liquidity to the Cosmos

Astroport launched support for passive concentrated liquidity (PCL) on Terra *Testnet* on June 1, 2023. Like Astroport’s existing stableswap pools, which are the most efficient pools within Cosmos for stable assets, PCL pools algorithmically amplify liquidity around a specific price point.

Specifically, a repegging algo looks at ongoing trades and rebalances liquidity and fees around the exponential moving average of those trades.

PCL pools were poised to launch on Terra Mainnet after the Astral Assembly passed ARC-71. However, a minor bug was identified in the code before deployment, and a new mainnet deployment proposal is expected in the coming weeks.

Assuming it passes, PCL will be the single largest upgrade in Astroport history. Traders go wherever the pricing is best, and these new pools will position Astroport as the most efficient AMM wherever it’s deployed. 

#3: Warp-powered limit orders go live

Enter a suspended animation pod while traveling deep space and still never miss a trade with limit orders on Terra at

Previously powered by Autonomy Network, Astroport migrated its limit order infrastructure to Warp Protocol, which offers more flexibility and easy editing for existing limit orders. It also opens the door for potential future features such as stop losses.

You can find a tab for limit orders on the main swap page at, or learn more – including how Warp is helping reduce the circulating supply of LUNA – here or on Twitter Spaces

💡 AstroHint: If you had pending limit orders on Astroport before the recent upgrade, they’re no longer accessible through But don't worry – you can still cancel them at!

#4: integrates Skip Protocol to share MEV with swappers and stakers

MEV stands for Miner Extractable Value and refers to the value that can be extracted by third parties when you transact on Terra (or any other public blockchain).

On Earth Date June 15, 2023, Astrochad deployed a MEV capture solution on the frontend at on Terra mainnet. That means your trades on are no longer subject to purely extractive MEV searchers. Instead, they're routed through a decentralized marketplace powered by Skip Protocol. 

Anyone can use the marketplace (not just and all MEV searchers there automatically share their profits with Astroport users, ASTRO stakers (xASTRO holders), and in the future, Astroport LPs. 

Best of all, the integration requires no changes for users… simply sit back and enjoy more efficient trades. Learn more here.

#5: Choose your own swap route adventure

Live on Terra, Injective and Neutron, swappers can now choose custom swap routes at Simply connect a wallet on the swap page and input a trade. Before executing the trade, look for the "Swap Route" toggle and click it to unveil alternative swap paths.

While the webapp,, will continue to attempt to default to the most optimal path and users were always free to interact with Astroport however they prefer, itself now offers more direct flexibility for optimizing your trades in strategic ways within the webapp. Learn more now, then check out all the paths you can take at

#6: Astral Assembly treasury grows by ~33 million ASTRO

When the ASTRO airdrop ended on Earth Date June 2, 2023, the Astral Assembly proposed and soon approved the transfer of all unclaimed ASTRO – roughly 33 million tokens – to the Assembly Treasury. 

#7: Third-party integrations

It’s been a big month for Astroport integrations. Highlights include:

#8: Astroport quick wins: Custom UIs, bounties and more

Are custom user interfaces coming to

#9: Astroport by the numbers

Astroport’s total value locked (TVL) now exceeds $36.3 million — an impressive increase of 87.3%+ over May thanks to the protocol’s launch on Neutron. Trading volume across all chains hit $31.42 million in June – up 36.25% over May when Astroport did $23.06 million in volume.

The future awaits!

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Remember, Terra, Injective, Neutron and Astroport are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.

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