Airdrop unleashed: ASTRO tokens and emissions go live on Terra 2.0

June 7, 2022
Astro Updates
Airdrop unleashed: ASTRO tokens and emissions go live on Terra 2.0

Moments ago, Astrochad deployed new mainnet smart contracts to activate Astroport’s governance tokens on Terra 2.0. All astronauts who qualify for the airdrop can visit to claim their tokens from the Rewards Center.

ASTRO airdrops are claimable in the Rewards Center, which appears on the top right of the screen at

The token address for ASTRO is terra1nsuqsk6kh58ulczatwev87ttq2z6r3pusulg9r24mfj2fvtzd4uq3exn26. To display the tokens in Terra Station, scroll down to the bottom of your token list and click “Add Tokens.” Then, paste ASTRO’s token address into the Find field. Make sure the checkmark is selected beside ASTRO tokens and close the window. Your tokens should now appear in Terra Station.

ASTRO tokens feature the same functionality that ASTROC have on Terra Classic. Astronauts can stake ASTRO to unlock fee sharing and governance powers over the protocol.

Today’s launch is Step 2 in a four-phase rollout:

  1. The launch of Astroport 2.0 for swapping and providing liquidity.
  2. The ASTRO airdrop and activation of ASTRO emissions.
  3. ASTRO staking (for xASTRO) and fee share.
  4. The full launch of governance via the Astral Assembly.

Now that ASTRO tokens are live, the ASTRO generators have hummed to life. That means ASTRO emissions for LPs are live for four pools as well.

100 million ASTRO tokens will be distributed over the first year of Astroport’s launch on Terra 2.0. At launch, tokens will initially go to LPs in four pools with the following weightings:

  • 40% to LUNA-xlUSDC
  • 30% to ASTRO-axlUSDC
  • 15% to axlUSDC-axlUSDT
  • 15% to LUNA-LUNAX

These pools should help Astroport cement its position as Terra’s leading DEX, ensure healthy liquidity across key pairs to bootstrap a healthy Terra 2.0 ecosystem, and attract USDC and USDT liquidity into the ecosystem.

Upon activation of the Astral Assembly, governance will have the ability to add additional pools as well as modify the distribution above. To begin earning emissions, visit Astroport’s Pools page and provide and stake liquidity for any of the pools above.

For more details on who qualifies for the airdrop, please see The ASTRO airdrop guidebook. If you have specific questions, visit the Astroport Discord.

Today’s release marks a major milestone on Astroport’s journey to serve as the foundational liquidity protocol on Terra 2.0. Claim your tokens, and with it power over where the protocol goes next.

The future awaits.

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Remember, Terra 2.0 and Astroport are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.

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