AstroChat: How Eclipse Fi (ECLIP) aims to revolutionize token launches on Sei

August 25, 2023
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AstroChat: How Eclipse Fi (ECLIP) aims to revolutionize token launches on Sei

AstroIntern’s notebook:

  • Eclipse aims to be the premier launch platform for innovative new projects on Sei
  • The ECLIP token will give stakers access to token sales, vaults, governance and vetting/approving new token launches
  • CEO Simon Chadwick picks out some of his favorite early projects on Sei

Eclipse Fi is a token launch and liquidity solution that aims to revolutionize token launches and support innovation on the world’s fastest L1 blockchain, Sei.

In the Q&A below, AstroIntern chats with Eclipse Fi co-founder and CEO, Simon Chadwick. Formerly Head of Loop Learn at the learn-to-earn protocol Loop Finance, Chadwick draws on his experience to help put all investors on an equal footing as new projects launch on Sei.

Q. What attracted you to launching/working on the project?

A. Initially one of the biggest drivers was working to fill the missing gap for quality launch solutions inside the Cosmos Ecosystem. Then over time, the vision moved towards creating a platform that would bring more trust and legitimacy to the token launch space.

When looking at the launchpad space, we were fairly disillusioned with the quality of the current solutions available, so we were attracted and inspired to build a strong launch primitive for the space – truly a key killer-app that top projects actually want to launch their token through.

Q. What separates Eclipse Fi from other token launch protocols?

A. One of the huge new differentiators is the integration of zkME bringing on-chain, privacy-preserving KYC to the ecosystem.

Eclipse will be the first project to launch with fully decentralised integrated zero-knowledge-KYC or zk-KYC. That will let users verify with KYC while remaining completely anonymous and avoiding the very present risks of identity data leaks.

This will lead a new wave of compliant but anonymous DeFI, attracting new users and whales who would normally be hesitant to KYC. 

Overall, Eclipse Fi isn’t just a sole IDO launch mechanism that only focuses and facilitates the token sale element, but a toolkit of launch mechanisms that can be pieced together in multi-stage and modular launches. This gives projects the ability to customise their launches and provide value beyond just a token sale and fundraising event.

The goal is to help the projects actually bootstrap a strong userbase and liquidity rather than acting as a mercenary flip token launch, bringing innovation to the launch space.

Eclipse Fi places a strong emphasis on becoming a trusted brand and a DeFi launch primitive for the place that sheds the shady and deceptive practices of a good chunk of launch platforms. To get there, long-term focus is key over short-term thinking.

Everything is done with this piece in mind, including affiliations, branding and actions taken to actually support projects and launch quality projects that are here to last.

Q. Launch protocols seem to live or die on the quality of the projects they help come to market. How can Eclipse attract the best of the best projects?

A. First, with the strength and quality of the community. Building up a large and strong community will give Eclipse more leverage when talking to and attracting better quality projects as well as the ability to move more volume and bootstrap more initial users for these projects.

Second, with positioning and integrations. Working closely with the likes of Delphi, positioning as the premier solution for top DEXes and chains, and forging strong collaborations with top names in the space will build up credibility.

Third, with network and support. We want to offer better support and introductions for projects through the whole lifecycle including after launch. This ensures it’s a longer-term relationship than simply the launch event.

Fourth, with strong dealflow sources. Dealflow collaborations from the early stages such as top hackathon collaborations and dev shops, all the way through to the later stage incubators, accelerators and top VCs are key. The flexibility and customisability of the launch modules should also open up more dealflow sources for launches inside the DeFi space and top platforms that may not normally look at launching on current launchpads.

Finally, with high standards and practices. That includes performing due diligence, not taking shortcuts, making sure that quality and long-term focus is the north star and making sure the actions of the platform align and stay true to this mission, even when it may not be the most profitable in the short-term. 

The plan is for this to build our strong brand and community and allow Eclipse Fi to attract the right long-term builders who aren’t interested in short-term negative-sum games.

Q. What projects are you most excited about on Sei right now?

A. Aether, Tatami, Mizu, Sensei, Astroport and a few more.

Q. What use cases do you have planned for the ECLIP token?

A. Initially the main use case is staking or farming ECLIP with a timelock to determine allocations and whitelists for upcoming IDO launches.

Over time, ECLIP will be used for protocol governance, including community vetting systems and voting on which projects are whitelisted to launch.

In the V2 model, Eclipse Fi will add new launch mechanisms including various forms of auctions and lockdrop vaults and expand the ECLIP token utility towards determining deposit caps in various vault launch mechanisms, as well as access benefits such as access to certain vaults at earlier stages. 

The ECLIP token will have utility interwoven across the various launch mechanisms. The ideal is that most launches should contribute to or utilise the ECLIP token in some way to give back value to the strong Eclipse community supporting and participating in these launches.

As Eclipse looks to develop more products in the future, the ECLIP token will be the main utility and governance token across the ecosystem of products.

Q. What's the best way to follow and learn about your upcoming launches?

A. We just released the v1 of our docs. Discord, Medium, Telegram and Twitter are the best places to follow platform growth and Eclipse Fi launches.

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Remember, Astroport, Injective, Neutron, Sei, and Terra are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.

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