Galaxy Expansion Pack | Volume 1.0

January 29, 2022
Astro Updates
Galaxy Expansion Pack | Volume 1.0

The first month of Astroport as Terra’s largest AMM is coming to an end. To celebrate this milestone, Astroport will receive its first substantial upgrade after various UI/UX updates along the way in January.

The “Galaxy Expansion Pack Volume 1” adds numerous features to the Astroport web interface at (the “Site”). The features benefit traders and liquidity providers: Improved Pool Page, cross-chain Liquidity Pools, new swap features, and additional wallet integrations.

Improved Pool Page

Let’s start with the Pool page. The Site received several additional KPIs to facilitate a better experience while managing pool positions. Those upgrades contain a new overview bar, favorite pools, a search function, and more data on yield APRs.

The overview bar on the Site shows the current TVL locked on the Astroport protocol (the “Protocol”), the daily transaction volume, and the $ASTRO price. As the number of pools on the Protocol is growing fast., we added a feature to highlight your favorite LPs. The “AstroStar” in front of the LP pins your selected pool to the top of the list. (Who doesn’t want to be an AstroStar?). Additionally, a new search bar arrived for “My Pools” and “Other Pools” to filter through all pools quickly.

As a liquidity provider, you receive multiple rewards. Rewards from the Protocol depend on the pool(s) you choose. For example, you may get swap fees (Pool APY), Astro Generator rewards in $ASTRO, and sometimes external third-party rewards like $ANC or $Psi. The UI shows you the aggregated rewards per pool. In addition, you will find a breakdown of the APY and APR as a tooltip if you are hovering over the APY number.

Rewards are not contractually promised and all APYs and APRs are simple projections based on past performance. Please review the Astroport Disclaimersto better understand rewards.

Cross-chain Liquidity Pools & More

Being the Venice of the Stars, Astroport welcomes all the celebrities of the vast DeFi galaxy. And those celebrities need their own space. But, even more, if they bring some additional rewards baggage with them.

Wormhole enables the arrival of LIDO’s auto-compounding liquid staking derivatives wstETH, stSOL, and stLUNA to the Terra ecosystem. Those three pools receive dual rewards in the form of the Wormhole LIDO DAO token ($weLDO) and $ASTRO. The total amount of $weLDO as a bonus is:

  • 100k $weLDO per month to the stLUNA-LUNA stableswap pool.
  • 60k $weLDO per month to the wewstETH-UST pool
  • 60k $weLDO per month to the wsstSOL-UST pool

Tokens are distributed oin a pro-rata manner linearly over the next month. Please be aware that the $weLDO given out as a dual reward for the stASSET pools will show up with a price of $0 on the Site. We plan todeploy a fix for this, currently scheduled for early next week. Our current infra doesn’t support displaying prices of tokens which don’t have a price on Terra. Since $weLDO doesn’t have a price on Terra it also doesn’t get calculated in the APYs shown on the Site for the stASSET pools until we give it a price.

Additionally, we welcome more pools from Nexus Protocol. After the successful migration of Psi-UST, we expect Nexus Protocol to moves the pools of PSI-nLUNA and PSI-nETH with dual rewards in $Psi to the Venice of the Stars.

Swap Features and Wallet Integration

InicioMan shared a great idea on Twitter: “I love the UI/UX! One thing would make the UX even better. Selecting the pair to swap should be simple and fast […]: Auto select the search bar when selecting one token.” Excellent idea and already live! Keep new ideas coming — tag @astroport_fi on Twitter.

Furthermore, Astroport now supports XDEFI and Leap natively as Terra wallets. The front-end detects which wallet you have installed as your browser extension, meaning that a particular wallet only shows up as a connection option if you have that wallet installed in your browser.

Stay tuned for more updates soon. In the meantime, feel invited to join the Astroport Discord in case of any further question:

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