ASTRO emissions are live!

January 3, 2022
Astro Updates
ASTRO emissions are live!

Given their importance, Astroport’s liquidity providers (LPs) should have the loudest voices in Astroport’s governing body, the Astral Assembly. To help ensure that’s the case, Astroport will award ASTRO tokens to LPs on an ongoing basis.

Today, we’ve launched $ASTRO emissions for lockdrop participants in three pools:

If you participated in the lockdrop for these pools, your tokens have automatically been staked and are accruing $ASTRO rewards.

We’re currently working on a UI update (expected within approximately two weeks) that will allow new LPs for these pools to stake their LP tokens to accrue $ASTRO rewards. Advanced users can already do this by interacting directly with Astroport’s smart contracts.

Your $ASTRO rewards will be automatically claimed when you unlock your LP position. We’re also working on a UI update that will allow you to claim your $ASTRO rewards on an ongoing basis.

Altogether, at least 17 pools will ultimately be eligible for ASTRO rewards in Year 1.

As the ASTRO generators for these pools come online, they’ll emit ASTRO governance tokens as well as third-party governance tokens (ANC, MINE, etc.). A full list of the pools currently anticipated to be supported, and their respective anticipated emission rates, is available here. Generators will launch throughout the next 1–4 weeks (approximately) and emissions are currently scheduled to last for 69 years.

⚠️ Remember: if you didn’t participate in the lockdrop, you’ll need to manually stake your LP tokens in the ASTRO generators. As dual rewards go live, lockdrop participants will have their liquidity automatically staked in the ASTRO generators.

Follow Astroport on Twitter to get alerted as new generator pools go live.

Upwards and onwards!

This article does not constitute investment advice. Before interacting with Astroport, review the project disclaimers here.

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