Astroport launches first DEX on Neutron

June 5, 2023
Astro News
Astroport launches first DEX on Neutron

Captain’s log:

  • Voyage to now to begin swapping and LP’ing on the Cosmos’ newest and most advanced chain, Neutron
  • With this mainnet deployment on its third appchain, Astroport furthers its quest to become the liquidity backend for all the Cosmos
  • Astral Assembly members (ASTRO stakers) now benefit from a new source of fee flows, and an upcoming governance proposal will seek to activate cross-chain governance over the deployment

Moments ago, Astroport launched on Neutron, the Cosmos’ first-ever replicated security chain. As Neutron’s first decentralized exchange (DEX), astronauts can now access to begin swapping or LP’ing directly on Neutron.

It’s a game-changing moment, not just for Astroport and Neutron, but for the entire Cosmos ecosystem.

That’s because Neutron is optimized to bring all of the Cosmos’ most powerful features to life on a single appchain. Specifically, it supports:

  • Replicated security: The Neutron appchain is the first smart-contract platform secured by the approx. $2.5 billion in ATOM that’s staked on Cosmos Hub. That makes Neutron the most secure platform in the ecosystem and the first ever consumer chain.
  • Interchain Queries: Neutron smart contracts can query and read data off other Cosmos appchains without first deploying smart contracts there or necessarily requiring that the target chain support smart contracts.
  • Interchain Accounts: Neutron can use Interchain Accounts to execute transactions on other chains, making it possible to perform friction-less cross-chain operations. 

Neutron has successfully passed audits by Oak Security and Informal Systems and was incubated by long-time Cosmos contributor P2P. As a non-custodial staking provider, P2P validates 15+ Cosmos networks and secures 4B+ staked assets across 25+ unique blockchains. Contributors also serve as the core development team for Lido LSDs on Solana, and they’ve helped optimize Neutron to support market-leading LSDs.

There are several key synergies between Astroport and Neutron, and the Astral Assembly overwhelmingly approved ARC-57 – a signaling proposal that aligns the protocols. Here’s the tldr:

  • 10% of Astroport maker fees on Neutron will be sent to Neutron DAO's on-chain treasury in perpetuity
  • Neutron brings ~$15m in liquidity from its launch event to the Astroport satellite on neutron
  • Possible Future $NTRN incentives may be added
  • Astroport $NTRN LPs retain voting power

A portion of all trading fees captured on Neutron will also be swapped to $ASTRO, which is automatically sent back to the $xASTRO staking pool on Astroport’s main instance. 

With the rise of Neutron, the Cosmos tech stack has radically changed and its launch will likely have impacts on appchains throughout the ecosystem. Here’s how you can be among the first to swap or LP freshly launched $NTRN tokens.

Getting started on Neutron

Neutron supports both native Cosmos assets (via IBC) and non-Cosmos assets via bridges. To swap or LP on Astroport’s Neutron deployment, you first need a Neutron address. Generate one by voyaging to and connecting to the Neutron network.

With address in hand, you can bridge most tokens onto Neuton via TFM or Axelar’s Satellite. To move ASTRO tokens onto Neutron, use Astroport’s new interchain bridging portal at

Note that most bridges create a wrapped (non-IBC) version of ASTRO tokens, which are native CW-20s, and should be avoided. Use instead. 

Occasionally, bridge transactions may revert. If this happens, it could take 10 or minutes to receive your tokens back. Then, you'll need to resubmit your bridging transaction. If you encounter difficulties, reach out to the community in the Astroport Discord.

Once you have tokens on Neutron, return to to begin swapping or LP’ing a range of assets including:

  • Astroport (ASTRO)
  • Cosmos Hub (ATOM)
  • Neutron (NTRN)*
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Wrapped Ethereum (wETH)

*Prohibited jurisdictions including the United States are not eligible to transact with Neutron (NTRN) tokens. Transacting with these tokens will automatically be blocked from the user interface at based on user IP addresses until the token is sufficiently decentralized.

Create your own pools on Neutron

Ready to LP on Neutron, but you don’t see a pool you want to use? The pool creation process on Astroport is decentralized so you can launch it yourself. Choose from one of Astroport’s two pool types:

  • Constant product pools (for assets with divergent prices)
  • Stableswap (for assets that typically trade at 1:1 prices such as stablecoins)

Visit the Astroport Docs for a step-by-step guide on creating pools or join the Astroport Discord to chat with other astronauts.

Astroport and Neutron are interconnecting the Cosmos

Today’s launch catapults Astroport further on its quest to become the liquidity backbone for all the Cosmos. With existing support for Terra 2.0 and Injective, Neutron marks Astroport’s third appchain deployment on a Cosmos.

While still nascent, Neutron’s Interchain Account functionality could one day render cross-chain bridges obsolete. Instead, smart contracts could query and access liquidity throughout the Cosmos. Astroport contributors are excited to explore this frontier with Neutron devs.

To celebrate today’s deployment, astronauts everywhere can claim an honorary open edition badge to celebrate today’s deployment here. Claiming closes 24 hours from the publication of this post!

Claim yours now, then experience the power of Astroport + Neutron at

Follow Astroport on Twitter and subscribe to the Astroport email newsletter to get the latest alerts from the mothership.


Remember, Terra 2.0, Neutron, and Astroport are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.

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