Astro(re)port #1: Staking and governance launch

April 5, 2022
Astro News
Astro(re)port #1: Staking and governance launch

Welcome to the galaxy’s first issue of Astro(re)port, a monthly lookback at the biggest news, metrics and events on Astroport (and a glimpse into the future).

Astroport Metrics

Daily trading volume on Astroport averaged $240 million in March. That’s up 54% over February, and Astroport’s total value locked (TVL) now exceeds $1.45 billion — an increase of 33% over February.

Astroport Forum’s Most Active Proposals

The Top 3 most active proposals by posts in March:

Creative Forum Post of the Month

ARC-7: Implement Bribed Voting Mechanism for vxASTRO Holders

In ARC-7, Megakupo proposes creating a new interface in the Astroport app where anyone can deposit tokens as “bribes” for specific liquidity pools. These tokens would then be paid out to vxASTRO holders who vote for those pools to receive ASTRO emissions during the biweekly emissions calibration.

Join the debate (or — if you have dev skills — help sketch out how “bribes” might work with Astroport’s smart contracts) here.

Astroport Integrations

⚠️ As an open source protocol, anyone in Web3 can integrate Astroport, so DYOR. Getting mentioned here is not an endorsement or validation of any third-party protocol.

Several third-party protocols and apps integrated Astroport into their services. Here are some of the most popular.

1. Ape Board now supports Astroport pools, lockdrop deposits and staked $ASTRO. It’s a streamlined way to review your holdings.


2. XDEFI Wallet’s in-wallet swaps now source a big chunk of their liquidity from Astroport.


3. Leap Wallet also aggregates liquidity sources including Astroport.


4. Liquality supports in-wallet swaps of Astroport liquidity.


5. Coinhall also added support for Astroport liquidity.


6. LoTerra is using Astroport price feeds as an oracle for its new game, Spacewager.


7. Astroport got listed on CoinGecko and has occasionally spiked to the №2 spot for 24-hour liquidity across DEXes on any blockchain!


Astroport Features

Astroport governance, staking and fee share arrived on Earth date March 30. It’s debuting in two phases:

  • Phase 1, which is live now, includes staking and fee share alongside preliminary governance processes.
  • Phase 2, which is expected to launch in the coming days or weeks, will see the full launch of governance via the Astral Assembly.

ASTRO holders can stake their ASTRO in the xASTRO pool and receive xASTRO tokens. xASTRO is a CW20 token that rewards ASTRO stakers with additional ASTRO and can be unstaked at any time without a cooldown period. These ASTRO rewards are intended to incentivize community stewardship of the Astroport protocol. All xASTRO holders become members of the Astral Assembly where they’ll be able to propose and vote on changes to the protocol.

Since Astroport’s launch on Dec. 28, 2021, the protocol accumulated more than $12 million in fees. Those accumulated fees have been used to purchase ASTRO, which will be deposited in the staking pool along with ongoing trading fees.

More than 60% of the circulating ASTRO supply has been staked:

Get complete details on staking in the announcement article: Astroport upgrade unleashed: Governance, staking and fee share.

Astroport also shipped several smaller upgrades last month including:

  • Dual rewards through the Astroport generators for the ORNE-UST & wLDO-stLuna pools
  • Switched infra to new Terra nodes to minimize data delays in the UI
  • Bug fixes around (1) the reward-claiming process for Phase 2 LBA participants, (2) users who were having trouble claiming accrued rewards from the Rewards Center after the expiration of the airdrop, and (3) custom slippage settings for swaps
  • Updated the UI updated to exclude pool fees when calculating the price impact on swaps
  • Enabled direct swaps between $bLUNA and other tokens including $UST
  • Enabled staking for MARS-UST LP positions, so they now offer $MARS emissions

Astroport Community

Bookmark the Astroport Bounties page:

Astroport will only be as successful as its community. And the community is stepping up in a big way. Last month, Phmager submitted a Github pull request to complete the Astroport x Anchor bounty, which should enable Astroport to launch a Virtual XYK Pool.

Astroport also received code for its dollar-cost averaging bounty and other community members have expressed interest in tackling translation tasks for Astroport.

Ready to contribute? Two 500 UST language bounties are still active for crypto-native Turkish and Mandarin speakers.

The Future of Astroport 👀

$vxASTRO is still in the works, but other protocols are already looking at how they’ll integrate it. Stay tuned for more.


The future awaits!

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This article does not constitute investment advice. Before interacting with Astroport, review the project disclaimers here.

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