Astro(re)port #5: Astroport TVL poised to grow by 450,000 ATOM, LP rewards go live on Neutron and more

August 2, 2023
Astro News
Astro(re)port #5: Astroport TVL poised to grow by 450,000 ATOM, LP rewards go live on Neutron and more

Welcome to Issue 5 of Astro(re)port, a monthly lookback at the biggest news, metrics and events on Astroport.

#1: Astroport’s TVL is poised to grow by 450k ATOM

With the successful passage of ARC-73, 450,000 ATOM from the ATOM Accelerator DAO is poised to be added to a new stATOM-ATOM pool on Astroport’s Neutron outpost. 

In order for the liquidity to be deployed, Cosmos Hub (ATOM) stakers must first approve a small modification to Stride's recent ICS proposal. Staking ATOM? You can vote here through Aug. 10.

#2: ASTRO LP rewards go live on Neutron

Liquidity is the lifeblood of any appchain. With fresh $ASTRO rewards, the next phase in Neutron’s evolution is set to begin. Access the pools and see current APRs now at

#3: Injective orderbook integration passes audit

On Earth date July 13, 2023, Oak Security published an audit analyzing code that enables Astroport pools – specifically Passive Concentrated Liquidity (PCL) pools – to be integrated with Injective’s orderbook-based exchanges. 

If approved by the Astral Assembly, the code would allow Astroport’s PCL pools to provide liquidity not only as an AMM but also as a maker in the Injective orderbook. A governance proposal to push the code onto Injective mainnet is expected if/when PCL pools go live on that chain. If approved, it would ensure Astroport can meet traders wherever they want to trade. 

#4: Polkadot tokens debut in the Cosmos on Astroport

Cross-chain communications isn’t just for Cosmos appchains. Last week, the first-ever Polkadot-related LP pools went live on Astroport. Enabled by Picasso Network and, anyone can now trade Polkadot (DOT) or Kusama (KSM) tokens on Astroport’s Neutron outpost. 

While the pools are currently shallow and can only accommodate small trades, the move is evidence of a trend toward interconnectedness that’s spreading throughout the cryptosphere. Check out the DOT and KSM pools on Neutron at or learn more here.

#5: ApolloDAO accumulates ASTRO 💙

An ApolloDAO founder, the Dog Father, recently announced that ApolloDAO acquired 216,465 ASTRO tokens at an average price of $0.02 each. That brings the DAO’s total holdings to around 2,216,000 ASTRO. Conviction in action.

#6: Limit orders arrive on Injective testnet

Astrochad’s experimenting with limit orders on Injective Testnet, and that means a mainnet deployment is likely soon.

Limit orders give you the ability to buy or sell crypto at prespecified prices – even if you’re traveling deep space while asleep in a cryogenic jelly pod. Simply set the price at which you’d like to buy or sell a specific crypto and Warp Protocol takes care of the rest. Learn more (including how you can help test limit orders on Injective testnet) here.

#7: Passive concentrated liquidity coming to Cosmos

Astroport launched support for passive concentrated liquidity (PCL) on Terra *Testnet* two months ago (June 1, 2023). Like Astroport’s existing stableswap pools, which are the most efficient pools within Cosmos for stable assets, PCL pools algorithmically amplify liquidity around a specific price point.

Specifically, a repegging algo looks at ongoing trades and rebalances liquidity and fees around the exponential moving average of those trades.

PCL pools were poised to launch on Terra Mainnet after the Astral Assembly passed ARC-71. However, a minor bug was identified in the code before deployment, and a new mainnet deployment proposal is expected in the coming weeks.

Assuming it passes, PCL will be the single largest upgrade in Astroport history. Traders go wherever the pricing is best, and these new pools will position Astroport as the most efficient AMM wherever it’s deployed. 

#8: Top Astroport pools by APY

Liquidity sustains Astroport's brave merchants and traders. And merchants go where the yields are best. Here are the highest-yielding pools across each of Astroport's outposts (on Terra, Injective and Neutron) at the time of this writing. To be included in the list, each pool needed at least $50k in liquidity.

  1. TPT-LUNA 121.61% (Terra)
  2. ROAR-LUNA 77.74% (Terra)
  3. ASTRO-USDC 71.14% (Neutron)
  4. ASTRO-USDT 68.33% (Injective)
  5. ASTRO-axlUSDC 60.47% (Terra)
  6. LUNA-axlUSDC 33.94% (Terra)
  7. INJ-USDT 31.81% (Injective)
  8. USDT-WETH 28.17% (Injective)
  9. bLUNA-LUNA 18.57% (Terra)
  10. ATOM-USDT 18.45% (Injective)
  11. USDC-USDT 13.10% (Neutron)

Check current APYs on Astroport’s Pools page. Be sure to select the network where you'd like to LP!

#9: Astroport quick hits

Will we soon see a custom UI for Astroport’s Injective Outpost? A newly discovered prototype suggests we might.

The Astral Assembly executed three additional upgrades to the mothership over the past month:

  1. CAPA rewards went live for the SOLID-axlUSDC and CAPA-SOLID pools (more)
  2. Astroport’s Generator contracts were upgraded to handle potential future edge case issues with ASTRO rewards (more)
  3. The Astral Assembly was granted the power to set token decimals amounts in the Astroport Token Registries on Injective and Neutron (more)

#10: Astroport by the numbers

Astroport’s total value locked (TVL) now exceeds $29 million, and trading volume across all chains hit $20.69 million in July. Volume and TVL trended down last month, but upcoming enhancements including passive concentrated liquidity and orderbook integrations should attract new traders from galaxies near and far.

The future awaits!

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Remember, Terra, Injective, Neutron and Astroport are experimental technologies. This article does not constitute investment advice and is subject to and limited by the Astroport disclaimers, which you should review before interacting with the protocol.

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