ASTRO airdrop update and resolution

January 15, 2022
Astro Updates
ASTRO airdrop update and resolution

As announced in our post-launch FAQs, we identified an issue with our initial ASTRO airdrop calculations. Here’s what happened and how it’s been resolved.

~7,000 Terra addresses were overlooked or received fewer ASTRO than expected. The affected wallet addresses all had bLUNA collateral balances. A script that aggregated the total bLUNA collateral balance for each address inadvertently set the collateral balance to 0 if that address had executed multiple bLUNA transactions.

This means that a total of 1,801,264 ASTRO that should have been distributed to 6,955 Terra addresses wasn’t actually distributed.

A new airdrop just went out to all impacted addresses. The airdrop also shipped with a 5% bonus as a thank you for your patience.

With the bonus, 1,891,328 ASTRO has been distributed from the Astral Assembly treasury to affected users.

If you were one of the affected users, you can now claim your airdrop + 5% bonus from the ASTRO rewards center.

Simply connect your wallet and click the coins icon in the top right here:

Onwards and upwards!

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This article does not constitute investment advice. Before interacting with Astroport, review the project disclaimers here.

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